Hymn to St. Stanislaus Kostka, Model of Youth

Dear Saint, who on thy natal day 
To Mary's tender care was given, 
And didst beneath her gentle sway 
Almost unsinning pass to heaven.

Sweet flower, that loved to bloom unknown,
A Saint 'mid worldly pomp and pride;
Who at the footstep of a throne
Knew naught but Jesus crucified.

Blest youth, who cast a crown away,
To be with Christ despised and poor;
Teach us to walk our lowly way,
Content, though humble be our store.

May no repining fill our breast
Amid the ills of poverty;
Oh make us feel that we are blest
To be thus poor with Christ and thee!

Teach us, like thee, to shrink from sin,
Like thee to love sweet purity;
That we from Mary's heart may win
The love she once bestowed on thee!

Thus safe beneath her gentle sway,
Oh may the grace to us be given,
To pass from earth some happy day.
And join thee in the courts of heaven.

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