And Now: Defenseless

In our own day we can see the effect of protestantism in the step-by-step abandonment of morals in society. The liberals understand the ideology which I have here described, and every time a new moral perversion presents itself, they play the liberalism card. They say that man is absolutely free, and that the State cannot oblige him by any law to observe what is in accordance with nature or with religion. As long as the activity does not “hurt” anyone, it should be ermitted. Because all society and government is based on the protestant principle of liberalism and individualism, the conservativecan offer no ideology in defense of observance of the natural law or of religious law. In other words, the “state religion” of the modern world is liberalism, a direct result of protestant notions of freedom and individualism. In fact, the only reason why this country and other countries, all infected by liberalism, did not cave into this immorality in times past, is that most of the population by culture or by religious conviction adhered to the moral law. As religion went on the wane since Vatican II, and as culture and customs changed, the only political ideology left was liberalism, and its logic is as cold and as strong as steel. In the 1950’s, for example, people by culture or religion found sodomy abhorrent. As a result, it was against the law. When faced with the argument, however, that sodomy is a private affair that does not “hurt” anyone, the supreme protestant principle of liberalism demands assent. The conservative cannot oppose religious principles to liberalism, since religion has no place in the making of laws. Nor can he oppose culture, since the culture has gradually succumbed to the demands of liberalism. Consequently, political conservatives have no ideology card to play. They can make appeal only to the past. Such a flimsy argument collapses in front of liberalism. For this reason most so-called conservative politicians have abandoned any opposition to laws permitting abortion, sodomitic marriages, feminism, pornography and other moral issues. They confine themselves to lowering taxes. (To be continued)

☩ Bishop Sanborn, Oct. 2016

Art Note: The Triumph of Divine Wisdom over Satan by Domenico Piola (Genoa 1617 - 1703),
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