O Theotokos (Mother of God), the second heaven 
You are the honoured Mother of the Light.

From sunrise to sunset 
the faithful offer you praises

You are the bright and unchanging flower 
and the mother who remained a virgin 
for the Father chose you 
and the Holy Spirit overshadowed you 
and the Son deigned to take flesh from you.

Wherefore, ask the Lord 
to give salvation to the world 
which He created 
and to deliver it from all tribulations

Let us praise the Lord 
and sing to Him a new song 
now and forever and from all ages to all ages

From Vespers (Intercede on my behalf)
Because every iniquity I did with an unwaning zeal 
and every sin I committed with eagerness and enthusiasm, 
I am worthy of all judgement and torment. 
Therefore, I beseech you, our Lady the Virgin, 
to induce me to repent.

I entreat you to intercede on my behalf 
and call upon you to help me, 
that I may not be put to shame. 
And when my soul departs my flesh, 
do visit me. 
Defeat the plots of the enemy 
and shut the doors of Hades 
that they may not consume my soul, 
O the bride who is without a spot 
who has the true bridegroom.

+ + +
From Compline
O pure Virgin 
overshadow your servant with your instant help 
and keep the waves of evil thoughts away from my mind 
and raise up my ailing soul 
for prayer and vigil 
for it has gone into a deep sleep 
For you are the compassionate and able helper 
and the mother of the fountain of life 
My King and my Lord, 
Jesus Christ my hope.

photos:Sunrise Sunset at the summit of Mt Ramelau, East Timor, (the summit of which is known as ‘Tatamailau’) is the highest mountain range in Timor
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