From the 5th Exercise of St. Gertrude to Enkindle in the Soul the love of God

O Thou my soul's calm untroubled Light! O dawn of morning, soft-gleaming with thy beauteous light, become in me the perfect day. O my Love, Who dost not only enlighten but deify, come unto me in all Thy might; come and gently melt my whole being. May all that is of me be destroyed utterly; may I wholly pass into Thee, so that I may no more find myself in time, but may be already and most intimately united to Thee for all eternity.

Thou hast first loved me; it is Thou who hast chosen me, and not I who have first chosen Thee. Thou art He who of His own accord runneth towards His thirsting creature; and on Thy kingly brow gleams the fair splendor of the everlasting light. Show me Thy countenance, and let me gaze upon Thy beauty. How mild and full of charms is that Face, all radiant with the rosy light of the dawn of the divine Sun! How can the spark live and glow far from the fire that gave it being? Or how can the drop of water abide far from the spring from whence it was taken? O compassionate Love, why hast Thou loved a creature so defiled and so covered with shame, but that Thou hast willed to render it all fair in Thee? O Thou delicate flower of the Virgin Mary, Thy goodness and Thy tender mercy have won and ravished my heart. O Love, my glorious Noontide, to take my rest in Thee, gladly would I die a thousand deaths.

O Charity, O Love, at the hour of my death Thou wilt sustain me with Thy words, more gladdening far than choicest wine. Thou wilt then be my way, my unobstructed way, that I may wander no more nor stray. Thou wilt aid me then, O love, Thou queen of heaven; Thou wilt clear my way before me to those fair and fertile pastures hidden in the divine wilderness, and my soul shall be inebriate with bliss; for there shall I see the face of the Lamb, my Spouse and my God.

O Love, Who art God, Thou art my best beloved possession. Without Thee neither earth nor heaven could excite in me one hope, nor draw forth one desire: vouchsafe to effect and perfect within me that union which Thou thyself desirest: may it be the end, the crown, and consummation of my being. In the countenance of my God Thy light beameth soft and fair as the evening star. O Thou fair and solemn Evening, let me see Thy ray when my eye shall close in death.

O Love, thou much-loved Evening-tide, at that dread moment let the sacred flame, which burneth evermore in Thy divine essence, consume all the stains of my mortal life. O Thou my calm and peaceful Evening, when the evening-tide of my life shall come, give me to sleep in Thee in tranquil sleep, and to taste that blissful rest which Thou hast prepared in Thyself for them that love Thee. With thy serene, enchanting look vouchsafe to order all things and prepare all things for my everlasting espousal.

O Love, be Thou unto me my Eventide so bright and calm, that my ravished soul may bid a loving farewell to its body, and return to God who gave it, and rest in peace beneath Thy beloved shadow!
From the 5th Exercise of St. Gertrude to Enkindle in the Soul the love of God From the 5th Exercise of St. Gertrude  to Enkindle in the Soul the love of God Reviewed by Francisco Nascimento on 03:43 Rating: 5

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