Following the Star

“We have seen His star in the East and are come to
adore Him.” St. Matthew 2:2.

Three Wise Men came from the distant East,
Bringing their gifts to the Prince of Peace.
Their homes they left to journey afar,
Led on by a wondrous, brilliant star.
Came many a trial upon the way
To tempt them from the path to stray.
They never swerved from the purpose high
To follow the star in that Eastern sky,
Till it stood o’er the cave of Bethl’em’s hill
Where angels sang, “Peace to men of good will!”
And entering in, they found the Child
In the arms of His Virgin Mother mild.
Ah! His loving smile, did it not repay
For the wearisome march of many a day?
Their hearts were filled with bliss untold,
And adoring, they offered gifts of gold,
Frankincense, myrrh from the Orient brought
To the King of Kings whom they long had
Then homeward they turned another way,
The peace of Christ in their hearts for aye.
And others there are who follow the star
Tho’ the way seems long, and the distance far.
His voice they hear, “Arise, depart!
And leave all things for My Sacred Heart.”
Like Magi of old, they hasten to bring
Offerings to Jesus, their Spouse and King.
Their love and zeal pure gold shall be
From the dross of earthly things set free;
And frankincense shall rise to His Throne,
When by prayerful lives they seek to atone.
For sin that has wounded His loving Heart,
Piercing It through with its cruel dart.
To die to self, for Jesus to live,
Myrrh of suff’ring to Him they give.
When life’s long journey is nearly o’er,
And their feet are close to th’ eternal shore
Then shall the star shine clear and bright,
Guiding them on to Heaven’s bright light—
Till in blissful vision they see His Face,
And Heart meets heart in one fond embrace
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