Did You Know One of the Most Popular X-Men Is a Devout Catholic?

In October of 1992, the famed X-Men: The Animated Series, made its debut appearance. For the first time on television, the animated series brought to life the characters from the classic X-Men comic books. One episode animates to life the popular mutant superhero Nightcrawler, who many don’t know is a devout Catholic.
In the 44th episode of the animated series, entitled “Nightcrawler,” the X-Men Gambit, Rogue, and the Wolverine take a ski trip to Germany. While Gambit and Rogue are enjoying their time together and relaxing, the Wolverine is restless and longs for some action. He hears rumors that a demon is hiding within a local monastery in town; however, when he investigates he finds not a demon, but a fellow mutant who despite his devilish appearance is a philosophical and pious Catholic.
Kurt Wagner, known as Nightcrawler, is a deeply religious man who even studied for the priesthood despite never being ordained. In the episode, he is a monk living inside a monastery, because the townspeople fear his appearance and have mistaken him for a demon. An ensuing argument between the X-Men and Nightcrawler spark the townspeople to attack them, and in the crossfire the monastery burns down. However, the X-Men convince the townspeople not to fear what they don’t understand, and the episode ends with the famous Wolverine praying in a French cathedral, having found his faith again.
“No, my friend, God does not give up on his children – human or mutant. He is there for us in our times of joy and to help us when we are in pain – if we let Him. Our ability to understand God’s purposes is limited, but take comfort in the fact that His love is limitless.” – Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler
Watch the scenes from the original episode:

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