Daily Thoughts and Prayers for Our Beloved Dead for November -- Month of the Poor Souls

Twenty-third Day

When, by our prayers, we assist in the release of a soul from Purgatory, we have not only won his gratitude, but the gratitude of his Guardian Angel, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom his soul was consecrated, and of God Himself, Who is enabled, through our act of charity, to sooner shower His blessings upon it.

Our Father, Three Hail Marys, Gloria, De Profundis.

Most beloved Jesus, if I could but say, "There is a soul in Heaven at this time that owes to me its release from Purgatory, a soul that speaks to God of me, that glorifies God for me, that loves Thy Blessed Mother for me. If it were thus, how happy I should be." Mercifully deign to release from the pains of Purgatory that soul who was careless and hurried in prayer. Take him to the joys of Heaven, that he may evermore praise Thee, and intercede for me in my hour of need. Amen.

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