Daily Thoughts and Prayers for Our Beloved Dead for November -- Month of the Poor Souls

Twentieth Day

What food would be to the man starving of hunger.

What drink would be to the parched sailor, drifting the seas on a raft.

What light would be to the man long blind.

What restored health would be to the bed-ridden patient.

What freedom would be to the prisoner of many years.

All this, and far, far more is release from Purgatory to a poor soul. And when food, the quenching of terrible thirst, light, health, and freedom come suddenly, unexpectedly, the human heart leaps and bounds, and the soul knows the sharp ecstasy of joy.

So it is with each prayer that we say for our suffering brethren in Purgatory. Our prayer for them is like food and water, light and health; it is a consoling reprieve and release. It is the cutting of bonds, the lessening of weary waiting, the hastening of the end of exile. It is a sudden and glorious liberation that raises them up, and impels them even more urgently toward the center of their joy, God Himself.

For us, that prayer may almost seem to be an insignificant gesture, a routine act of charity... a silent prayer, an alms, a bit of fasting, a good deed done... almost forgotten in the doing. But for our dearly departed friends, it is something beyond price and measure, a gift for which they can repay us only in the immortal coin of eternity.

Such a gift we offer them now as we humbly pray:

Our Father, Three Hail Marys, Gloria, De Profundis.

Most merciful Jesus, by the merits of Thy five holy wounds, hear our prayers in behalf of the faithful departed, now awaiting Thy word in Purgatory. Grant, O Lord, to show particular mercy to the soul that did most to propagate the devotion to Thy Sacred Heart while on earth. Vouchsafe to hasten his journey to Heaven, that he may join Thy Angels in praising Thee forever. Amen.

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