Daily Thoughts and Prayers for Our Beloved Dead for November -- Month of the Poor Souls

Eighteenth Day

Our souls yearn for God with far greater intensity than ever a starving body hungers for food. Yet, here in this world, we are often distracted from that Divine invitation by the pressures of daily life.

But in Purgatory there are no distractions.

Their eyes fixed on the closed gates of Heaven, the Poor Souls long for God, yearn for God, hunger and thirst for God.

The terms of their sentence still ring in their ears: "Thus and thus long shall you remain separated from your joy, until these sins, and these misdeeds, and these blemishes and these stains have been atoned for."

Balanced against their consuming hunger for God is their certainty that they would not dare enter into His Presence with the slightest stain upon them. They almost wish that the fires burned more fiercely, so that the pain could be more intense and more cleansing. Thus do they aspire to don the wedding garment of Heaven.

Imagine, then, their gratitude for every prayer or good deed by which we help them to cleanse their souls and hasten their pilgrimage to their eternal Home.

Imagine the leaping joy with which they welcome any and every prayer and sacrifice by which we curtail their sufferings, shorten their sentence in Purgatory, and hasten their entrance into Heaven.

At this very moment, we can give unutterable joy to these Poor Souls as we humbly pray:

Our Father, Three Hail Marys, Gloria, De Profundis.

Mother of Mercy, thy power is so great that thy Divine Son can refuse thee nothing. Implore Him, therefore, to soon release from the pains of Purgatory, our parents, friends, and benefactors, that they may join the heavenly chorus in praising Him, and in interceding for us. Amen.

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