Daily Thoughts and Prayers for Our Beloved Dead for November -- Month of the Poor Souls

Twelfth Day

Despite the sorrowful farewells and vows of undying remembrance, the dead are all too soon universally forgotten. "Forgotten is all my life, which never a word recalls; forgotten is my name, which no one utters; forgotten is my tomb, which no one visits; forgotten is my death, which no one mourns." How swiftly the memory of the dead seems to pass from human minds, even those who are most dear to us in life. Like the tears falling upon the coffin, our fond memories swiftly evaporate. The rush of the days fills the minds and hands of the living. The distractions of our life and work, and the encountering of new friends helps to banish to the dusty corners of our minds the friends now hidden in God's Penitentiary.

But these suffering prisoners do not forget us.

In the slow, painful passage of the days they have time to remember. Their longing for God is so intense that they have little heart for new distractions and companions, as we do. They are made sensitive-as pain always makes us sensitive-to memory, to neglect, to hope for deliverance, to the knowledge that those who once cried aloud their love, have so swiftly forgotten them.

With gratitude, they think of those who do remember. With sadness they regard those who have so swiftly deserted them.

They pray to God, Who loves them tenderly, even in their exile, and Who listens attentively to their holy supplications. They pray for all those who alleviate their sufferings through prayer and sacrifice. They beg that those who have forsaken them for the sake of earthly attachments, will relent, and offer for them a thought, a prayer, or a good deed as a ransom for their sins.

Remembering our own dear dead, we humbly pray for them:

Our Father, Three Hail Marys, Gloria, De Profundis.

O Lord Jesus Christ, have compassion on Thy Church suffering. Vouchsafe to temper Thy justice with mercy, and open the gates of Heaven for the Poor Souls in Purgatory, that they may praise and glorify Thee forever. Amen.

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