Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, I Consecrate my entire self to the Most Holy Love of Your Two Hearts. I Wish to make reparation for all the sins of the world, including my own.
I offer these things for the love of the Hearts of JESUS and MARY. I will keep my mind on beauty and turn my thoughts from evil things.I will not show off, but remain humble. I will offer up all my sufferings, sickness and hurts. I will seek God's Will, not my own.
I will show appreciation for the kindness, the blessings that i receive, and God for all things. I will do everything in my life for love of God. And I will love others, as God has loved me.
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the Intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, receive the offering and consecration I now make of myself to You. Keep me faithful unto death. Bring me one day to the Happy Home in Heaven. I desire to live forever with God the Father and the Most Holy Spirit and You my Jesus, together with Your Most Immaculate Mother. AMEN.
O Jesus, we know that You are 
merciful and that You gave 
Your Heart for us, that was 
crowned with thorns by our sins;
We know that even today You 
are still ¬pleading with us so that 
we will not be lost. Jesus, 
remember us when we are in sin.

By means of Your Sacred Heart, 
grant us, that all men love one 
another; Cause hatred to 
disappear from among men.

Show us Your Love,
for we all love You,
and want You to protect us
with your Shepherd’s Heart 
and free us from all sin.

Jesus, enter into each heart.
Knock on the door of our hearts. 
Be patient and unwearied with us.
We are still closed, since we still have 
not yet understood Your love for us.

Knock persistently and grant,
O Good Jesus, that we open our hearts 
to You, at least when we will have 
remembered the passion 
You suffered for us. Amen.

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, 
overflowing with goodness,
show us Your love for us.
May the flame of Your heart, 
O Mary, descend upon all mankind.

We love You so.
Impress true love in our hearts
that we may have a continuous 
desire for You.

O Mary, meek and humble of heart,
remember us when we are in sin.
You know that all men sin.
Grant to us by means of 
Your Immaculate Heart, to be 
healed from every spiritual illness.

In doing so, we then will be able
to gaze upon the goodness
of Your Maternal Heart,
and thus be converted through 
the flame of Your Heart. Amen

Consecration of the Family to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Most holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, united in perfect love, as you look upon us with mercy and caring, we consecrate our hearts, our lives, our family to you. We know the beautiful example of your home in Nazareth was meant to be a model for each of our families. We hope to have, with your help, the unity and strong, enduring love you gave to one another. May our home be filled with joy. May sincere affection, patience, tolerance and mutual respect be freely given to all. May our prayers be filled with the needs of others, not just ourselves a nd may we always be close to your sacraments. Bless those who are present, as well as those who are absent, both the living and the dead; may peace be among us and when we are tested, grant us the Christian acceptance of God's will. Keep our family close to your Hearts; may your special protection be with us always. Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, hear our prayer.
Photos: paintings by Michaelangelo and Caravaggio

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