Dear Mother Mary, Mistress of my entire being,

In Your hands I lay the past day/night, and I beg You to bury it in the most sacred soil of Your Heart for all eternity, so as to prevent my mind from wandering back to it.

Do purify and conserve it for me, so that on the day when judgment will be passed upon me, it may be for me a source of Heavenly roses, for everything which is kept within You breathes the delights of Paradise.

I also give You every moment of my past that I have never given You before, so that my entire life may be Your property, and so that all I have ever done, thought, felt, said and longed for, may become an all-embracing sacrifice obtaining eternal salvation for me and for many souls.

I beg You, o most holy one of all souls, do write Your name on every inch of the path of my life, every day and every night, until the hour of my death.

photo:Madonna In The Workshop; Edward Steinbruck
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