From St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179)
O splendid jewel, serenely infused with the Sun!
The Sun is in you as a fount from the heart of the Father;
It is His sole Word, by whom he created the world,
The primary matter, which Eve threw in disorder.
He formed the Word in you as a human being,
And therefore you are the jewel that shines most brightly,
Through whom the Word breathed out the whole of the virtues,
As once from primary matter He made all creatures.
O sweet green branch that flowers from the stem of Jesse!
O glorious thing, that God on His fairest daughter
Looked as the eagle looks on the face of the Sun!
The Most High Father sought for a Virgin’s candor,
And willed that His Word should take in her His body.
For the virgin’s mind was by His mystery illumined,
And from her virginity sprang the glorious Flower.
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