A Prayer of Petition to Saint Anthony

O wondrous Saint Anthony, glorious by reason of the fame of thy miracles, who hast the happiness of receiving within thine arms our blessed Lord under the guise of a little child, obtain for me of His bounty this favour that I desire from the bottom of my heart. Thou who wast so gracious unto poor sinners, regard not the lack of merit on the part of him who calls upon thee, but consider the glory of God, which will be exalted once more through thee, to the salvation of my soul and the granting of the petition that I now make with such ardent yearning.

As a pledge of my gratitude, I beg thee to accept my promise to live henceforth more agreeably to the teachings of the Gospel, and to be devoted to the service of the poor whom thou didst ever love and still dost love so greatly; bless this my resolution and get me the grace to be faithful thereto even until death. Amen.

(An indulgence of 300 days)
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