Virgin Mary, hear my prayer: 
through the Holy Spirit 
you became the Mother of Jesus; 
from the Holy Spirit may I too have Jesus. 
Through the Holy Spirit your flesh conceived Jesus; 
through the same Spirit may my soul receive Jesus. 
Through the Holy Spirit you were able to know Jesus, 
to possess Jesus, 
and to bring him into the world. 
Through the Holy Spirit may I too come to know your Jesus.
Imbued with the Spirit, 
Mary, you could say: 
"I am the handmaid of the Lord, 
be it done unto me according to your word"; 
in the Holy Spirit, 
lowly as I am, 
let me proclaim the great truths about Jesus. 
In the Spirit you now adore Jesus as Lord 
and look on Him as Son; 
in the same spirit, 
Mary, let me love your Jesus

Lord, I pray for the region of Catalunya. Thank you for the diligence of the Catalans and their leadership in industry both in Spain and Europe. Their economic strength is a blessing, but it has brought tensions inside Catalunya as many cry for self-determination.
We can see that this independent spirit is also causing many to turn away from what they perceive as empty religion. Lord, though you have blessed this people with a creative spirit, most do not acknowledge that you are the giver of that creativity.
We ask that you bless this land with a spiritual awakening, and that you free the people from old fears that bind them. Send workers to live among the Catalan people to demonstrate your love for them. Lord, we ask you to establish churches that can be agents to change in Catalunya and out across Spain.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.
**The Spanish Catholic Church said on Tuesday there was "no moral justification" for Catalonia to seek independence from Spain and urged its faithful to pray for unity ahead of a regional election on Sunday.
The church is the latest institution to wade into a stand-off between the government and the wealthy northeastern region, whose leaders have cast the election as a proxy for a vote on secession.
Cardinal Antonio Canizares, the Archbishop of Valencia and one of Spain's most senior clerics, urged Catholics to pray for a united Spain.
Photo Nuestra Señora dela Aurora ,Sevilla, Spain

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