St. Jude Thaddeus Helper in Desperate Cases

Powerful Helper in Extreme Need 

St. Jude Thaddeus shows his particular assistance and protection in circumstances deemed most difficult and desperate. His aidhas been widely experienced, for he is universally known as the "Patron of hopeless and desperate cases." From earliest times he has been considered a helper in urgent need. Thousands who have implored his aid, have received extraordinary and miraculous help in cases which, according to all human calculations, seemed hopeless. Ven. Columba of the Order of St. Dominic realized how pleasing it is to God if we zealously venerate the holy apostle Thaddeus and promote his honour because he is so little known and loved. She understood that by venerating this saint, one can obtain assistance in difficulties where help is despaired of, in trials and afflictions of a grave and serious nature.

St. Jude has obtained recovery for those stricken with maladies which defy all human skill and remedies; he has obtained grace for persons to overcome deeply rooted evil habits--those afflictions of the soul which are far more difficult to cure than any bodily ailment. St. Jude comes quickly and speedily to the aid of those tormented by impure thoughts and enslaved by impure habits. Our holy apostle obtains help in anguish, distress, calumny, poverty, misery, yea, even in despair and in circumstances where aid seems utterly impossible. In return, he demands our confidence, love and gratitude; if our requests are not immediately granted precisely according to our own ideas and wishes, they surely will be sooner or later according to the designs of God.

A shining example of veneration of this holy apostle is given us by St. Bernard of Clairvaux, who during his whole life highly honored a relic of St. Jude, and asked that in death the relic be placed upon his breast and buried with him, that, as he said, he would not be entirely without him whom in life he had found to be a powerful protector of his purity, and a potent helper in every circumstance.

Let all who are in tribulation be animated with confidence in the intercession of St. Jude, for the miraculous virtue of our prayers proceeds from confidence, says the servant of God, Ven. Anna Catherine Emmerich. Let not this holy apostle be justified in complaining that we do not avail ourselves of his merits and powerful protection. He is the helper, the consoler of all oppressed with heavy trials. Let us say with confidence: 

St. Jude, pray for us. And for all who invoke thy aid.
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