Prayer for the Conversion of Atheists, Neo-Pagans and other Unbelievers

Eternal God, Creator of all things!

Do not forget that the souls of atheists, neo-pagans and other unbelievers are also the work of Thy hands and that they are made in Thy image and likeness too.

Nevertheless, see, Lord, hoe hell is filling up with these souls and how this is offending Thy Name. Remember that Jesus Christ, Thy Son, shed all His Blood and suffered an atrocious death for them. Therefore, Lord, do not permit that atheists, neo-pagans and other unbelievers despise Thy Son anymore. Be appeased and moved to pity by the prayers of Thy saints and the Church, which is the spouse of Thy most holy Son.

Remembering Thy mercifulness and forgetting their idolatry and infidelity, make them also come to know Jesus Christ, our Lord. He is our salvation, life and resurrection, by whom we were freed and saved and to whom honour, glory and praise will be given forever. Amen.

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