Most holy Virgin Immaculate, my mother Mary, to thee who art the mother of my Lord, the Queen of the universe, the advocate, the hope, the refuge of sinners, I, who am the most miserable of all sinners, have recourse to thee this day.
I venerate thee, great Queen, and I thank thee for the many graces thou hast bestowed upon me even unto this day; in particular for having delivered me from the Hell which I have so often deserved by my sins. I love thee, most dear Lady; and for the love I bear thee, I promise to serve thee willingly forever and to do what I can to make thee loved by others also.
I place in thee all my hopes for salvation; accept me as thy servant and shelter me under thy mantle, thou who are are the Mother of Mercy. And since thou are so powerful with God, deliver me from all my temptations, or at least obtain for me the strength to overcome them until death. From thee I implore a true love for Jesus Christ.
Through thee I hope to die a holy death.
My dear Mother, by the love thou beareth to Almighty God, I pray thee to assist me always, but most of all at the last moment of my life.
Forsake me not, then, until thou shall see me safe in Heaven, there to bless thee and thy mercies through all eternity. Such is my hope. Amen.
About the Image
The original oil painting, done by the Swiss artist Luigi Crosio during the last decade of the 19th century, was entitled "Refugium Peccatoyum" [Abode of Sinners]. The artist was born in Alba in the year 1835 and died in Turin in 1915. There is a strong possibility that his daughter Anna posed as a model for it. The Sisters of Mary are currently in possession of the original.
From a modern perspective, the sacred picture underwent a series of record sales. In Zürich, on October 10, 1898, the Künzli brothers, printers by trade, bought the rights to the picture and Commercialized it under various versions, among them, a color lithograph. After 1914, students who were preparing for the missions at Schoenstatt sought out, along with their spiritual director, a picture of Mary for the old little shrine of Saint Michael's. It was at that time that a professor belonging to the institute bought one of the lithographs at an antique shop and gave it as a present in the year 1915 to the newly constituted Marian Congregation. It was only upon arriving at Schoenstatt that the picture was bestowed with the title of "Mater ter Admirabilis", Mother Thrice Admirable. During the 16th century, the Holy Virgin had already been venerated under this title at Ingolstadt where Father Jacob Rem, a Jesuit priest, had founded the first Marian Congregation at the University of Bavaria.
In this picture of grace, Mary is revealed as the Thrice Admirable Mother. She is the Mother of God, the Mother of the Redeemer, and also our Mother. Mary's deep love unites her to her divine child, and urges her to lead all who come to her to Him.
"The heart is the innermost center of the spiritual life of a person." (Pope Paul VI). The human heart is the most precious of all the gifts which Mary wishes to give her son. Mary draws us to give our hearts to Him.
Mary is also honored as queen. According to the will of the Eternal Father, Mary bore the anguish and death of the cross in loyal love together with her Son. Now she shares in his kingly glory and power in a unique way. At the throne of God, she sees to the building up of his kingdom in our world.
As victress, Mary stands in the forefront of all the battles of God which must be fought in this world. She leads us to Christ and through him in the Holy Spirit into the heart of the Eternal Father for the glory of the Triune God.
Schoenstatt's covenant of love with Mary is a means to realize one's baptismal covenant with the Triune God. Its message and great gift for our Church and time is the original covenant of love which has grown out of a living, practical faith in Divine Providence, and which finds expression in a deep mission-consciousness and fruitful apostolate.
Father Kentenich wrote, "Keep your place in the heart of Our Lady. You belong there whatever happens. There you will find peace, security and confidence in the victory in every circumstance and in every instance. Do good where the opportunity arises, and see a kind Father-hand in everything. He guides your destiny according to His wise plan of love."

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