Devotion to the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

O Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, to whom else can we have recourse, if not to thee, who art the solace of the wretched, the comfort of the desolate, the consolation of the afflicted? We confess it to thee, our souls are exceeding sorrowful, weighed down as they are by countless sins; we deserve the fire of Hell, we are unworthy to receive thy favors. But art not thou the hope of the hopeless, the great Mediatrix between man and God, our powerful advocate at the throne of the most High, and the refuge of sinners? Ah, do thou only say the word in our behalf to thy Divine Son, and He will hear and answer thee. Ask Him, then, O Mother, for this favor, of which we stand so much in need...(silent pause) Thou alone canst obtain it for us; thou art our only hope, our consolation, our sweetness, our whole life. Such is our hope. Amen. (Memorare)

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