Devotion to the Queen of the Holy Rosary

O Virgin Immaculate and Queen of the Rosary, in these days of dead faith and triumphant impiety, thou hast been pleased to set up thy throne as Queen and Mother, upon the ancient site of Pompeii, the dwelling place of pagans long since dead. And from the place where once men worshiped false gods and demons, thou, as Mother of Divine grace, dost in these our times scatter everywhere the treasures of heavenly mercies. Ah, from that throne where thou reignest as Queen of mercy, turn, dear Mother upon us also thine eyes of mercy, and have pity on us who have such great need of thy assistance. Show thyself to us, as to so many others, a true Mother of mercy: "Show thyself a Mother"; while with all our hearts we salute thee and call upon thee as our Sovereign and Queen of the Most holy Rosary.
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