"Colors, hear! Our Blessed Mother Mary walks this way today!"
All the colors that God made, come you and assemble!
All the colors that God made: brown, and red, and russet;
All the colors sunlight holds, come you and assemble.
Blue and green, aquamarine, ruby, rose and cardinal,
All the colors sunset knows, all the colors autumn blows,
All the colors in the rainbow's bent, come you and assemble.
Pink and purple, turquoise blue, scarlet, tan and silver,
Pomegranate, peach, plum, and wine, come you and assemble,
For our Blessed Lady Mary walks this way today,

Heaven's earthborn queen, and earth's most heavenly belle.
All you colors of the flowers fair, from the birds and bowers,
From the morn and evening woods, from the moon's most magic
All you colors make ensemble, come you and assemble.
Lemon, chrome, golden yellow, hyacinth, hollyhock, and henna;
Colors of male and female birds and the painted desert's splendor.
Moss, mulberry, violet, Dresden, emerald, and mauvette,
Tumble out all of you, dress-up, for you shall be so well-met;
A star-gowned mother-maid comes this way - come you and
Colors where the sunbowl fills, colors where the paint-spot spills,
On the seas or on the hills, come you and assemble.
Cocoa, coral, cobalt blue, cerise, cherry, claret,
Dahlia, lilac, tawny yellow, teak brown, tile red, mallow;
Deep-immense ocean hues, surface-thin pebbled shallows.
Yew green, sky-blue, orange and olive, come you and assemble.
The Virgin mild and monarch comes; O colors, praise her,
With bursts of moons and the peacock's prism-sundering feathers.

Colors come that sleep in fire, windows under Gothic spire,
Where the furthest stars aspire, come you and assemble.
Topaz, plum, Persian blue, orchid, and English vermilion,
Amethyst, star-gold, sapphire, opal, come you and assemble.

Carmine, crimson, opera pink, myrtle, maroon, magenta;
Whirlpools of mixed colors come, valleys strewn with astral jewels,
Orange-red, goya, jonquil yellow, heliotrope, lavender and
Wisteria, Grecian blue, sea-green, beryl, come you and assemble.
That lady comes, for love of whom the gold-winged angels

All you colors not yet called, center! Come you and assemble.
Colors domiciled far beyond this world, come you and assemble.
Martian reds, galactic-golds and the deep, blue-solar-cauldrons;
Come you colors one and all, blend harmoniously, enthrall,
Colors delicate and small, colors royally tall, come you and
Move in mystic patterns, circle! Ballet to color-movement music!
Parade in ordered places; kneel as wave on wave from color-
For now Our Lady, God's great Mother walks this earthly way
And you, O Colors come, O Beauty, pay your varied hued
Sing the song your beauty is, praise, Her whom you mirror and
All you colors called from the palettes of the Lord, come you
and assemble! All you rainbow-worlds, come you and assemble.
Skyey-blue, earth-lawn green, autumn red, sunshine's golden
Lemon-moon, starry-gold, and the deep's each fluorescent fellow.
All you colors that God made, come you and assemble. Meet the
Queen of colors, of beauty and love, meet out heavenly Mother

– Albert Joseph Hebert, S.M.
Mary, Our Blessed Lady. New York: Exposition Press, 1970.
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