Blessed Virgin Mary is the "Seat of Wisdom" (Sedes Sapientiae)
* Christ, Wisdom Incarnate, is seated on the lap of His Blessed Mother.Hence Mary is the throne from which Christ rules the universe.
She is also the “Lady Wisdom” prefigured in the Old Testament, especially in the Book of Proverb.. She is Lady Wisdom by virtue of her role as Theotokos; she bore Christ in her womb and upon her lap.

O, Mary, Seat of Wisdom, so many persons of common intellect have made through your intercession admirable progress in their studies. I hereby choose you as my guardian and patron of my studies. I humbly ask you to obtain for me the grace of the Holy Spirit, so that from now on I can understand more quickly, retain more readily, and express myself more fluently. May the example of my life serve to honor you and your Son, Jesus. Amen. -St. Thomas Aquinas prayer taken from Pure Faith Jason Evert 107

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