An Invocation to our Guardian Angel

Ps. xc. ii: "He hath given His angels charge over thee: to keep thee in all thy ways." 

Dear Angel! ever at my side,
How loving must thou be,
To leave thy home in heaven to guard
A guilty wreteh like me.

Thy beautiful and shining face
I see not, though so near; 
The sweetness of thy soft low voice 
I am too deaf to hear.

I cannot feel thee touch my hand
With pressure light and mild. 
To check me, as my mother did 
When I was but a child.

But I have felt thee in my thoughts
Fighting with sin for me; 
And when my heart loves God, I know 
The sweetness is from thee.

And when, dear Spirit! I kneel down
Morning and night to prayer, 
Something there is within my heart 
Which tells me thou art there.

Yes! when I pray, thou prayest too,--
Thy prayer is all for me; 
But when I sleep, thou sleepest not, 
But watchest patiently.

But most of all I feel thee near
When from the good priest's feet
I go absolved, in fearless love 
Fresh toils and cares to meet. 

And thou in life's last hour 
wilt bring A fresh supply of grace, 
And afterwards will let me kiss 
Thy beautiful bright face.

Ah me! how lovely they must be 
Whom God has glorified! 
Yet one of them, oh sweetest thought 
Is ever at my side, 

Then for thy sake, dear Angel! now 
More humble will I be: 
But I am weak, and when I fall. 
Oh weary not of me.

Oh weary not, but love me still,
For Mary's sake, thy Queen;
She never tired of me, though I
Her worst of sons have been.

She will reward thee with a smile;
Thou know'st what it is worth! 
For Mary's smiles each day convert 
The hardest hearts on earth.

Then love me, love me, Angel dear!
And I will love thee more;
And help me when my soul is cast
Upon the eternal shore.
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