by Blessed Alan de la Roche

Feast of the Holy Name of Mary: September 12th
(Hail Mary, the Angelic Salutation)

Whenever I say Hail Mary

The court of heaven rejoices

And the earth is lost in wonderment

And I despise the world

And my heart is brim full

Of the love of God.

When I say Hail Mary;

All my fears wilt and die

And my passions are quelled.

If I say Hail Mary;

Devotion grows within me

And sorrow for sin awakens.

When I say Hail Mary

Hope is made strong

In my breast

And the dew of consolation

Falls on my soul

More and more

Because I say Hail Mary.

And my spirit rejoices

And sorrow fades away

When I say

Hail Mary.
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