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Deign, O Immaculate Virgin, 
Mother most pure, 
to accept the loving cry of praise 
which we send up to you
from the depths of our hearts. 
Though they can but add little to your glory, 
O Queen of Angels, 
you do not despise, in your love, 
the praises of the humble 
and the poor. 

Cast down upon us a glance of mercy, 
O most glorious Queen; 
graciously receive our petitions. 
Through your immaculate purity of body and mind, 
which rendered you so pleasing to God, 
inspire us with a love of innocense and purity. 

Teach us to guard carefully the gifts of grace, 
striving ever after sanctity, so that, 
being made like the image of your beauty, 
we may be worthy to become the sharers 
of your eternal happiness.


*Paschasius Radbertus (785-865) was a Frankish saint, Carolingian theologian, and the Abbot of Corbie, a small town in present-day northern France. His most well-known and influential work is an exposition on the nature of the Eucharist written around 831, entitled De Corpore et Sanguine Domini.

His feast day is April, 26.

photo:The Stuppach Madonna (German: Stuppacher Madonna) is a 1514 - 1519 painting of the Madonna and Child by the German Renaissance painter Matthias Grünewald. It is located today in the Parish Church of the Coronation of the Virgin (Pfarrkirche Mariä Krönung) in Stuppach (Bad Mergentheim). Along with the Isenheim Altarpiece, it is considered one of Grünewald's main works.

Location Parish Church of the Coronation of the Virgin, Bad Mergentheim

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