Hail, O Holy Cross! my light and my strength! Hail, standard of peace empurpled by the Blood of Jesus and ornamented by His Sacred Members as with precious stones! O Venerable Cross, work of the love of God and the cruelty of men! O Cross, the terror of Hell and the object of the veneration of Heaven and earth, receive the homage of my faith, my gratitude, and my love! I consecrate myself entirely to Thee and I attach myself to Thee forever, as my Savior was attached to Thee for love of me. I earnestly beseech Thee, in virtue of the Precious Blood which empurpled Thee, to take me under Thy protection, to be my support in suffering, my strength in temptation, my counsel in doubt, my light in darkness, my rule of conduct during life, my confidence and pledge of salvation at the hour of death.

May Jesus, the Incarnate God, Our Savior, Who shed His Blood when nailed to Thee, protect me through Thee and conduct me to my Heavenly home! Amen.
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