In the ancient texts for the divine office we find this text which refers to the agrarian feast of the Virgin. The dew spread all over the region where John wrote the Book of the Virgin, in which is found: "Let the memory of the blessed One be celebrated three times a year: in January, for the seeds; in May, for the ears of wheat; in August, for the grapes which symbolizes the sacrament of life: Bless them!"
The ancient texts speak of Mary's protection not only in material terms of the crops of the field, but also of her role in the incarnation as the Mother of the Source of Life, Jesus Christ.
Saint Ephrem speaks of Mary in this regard when he says that Mary became of the field who received the grain of wheat in her womb and this grain of wheat, Jesus Christ our Lord, gives life to the world. Through the harvest we receive the gifts of bread and wine which become for us the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist. Hence we pray during the transfer of the offerings:

I am the Bread of Life, said our Lord. 
From on high, I came to earth, so mem might live in me. 
Pure Word without flesh, I was sent from the Father. 
Mary's womb received me like good earth a grain of wheat. 
Behold! The priest bears me aloft to the altar. 
Alleluia! Accept our offering.
Let us put all our lives and the crops of the fields under the protection of Our Lady of the Harvest.
May she assist us with her prayers. Amen.

**Painting:"Our Lady Of The Fruits Of The Earth," 1917, by Frank Cadogan Cowper.
(Christie's) sold it for £469,250, smashing the existing auction record for the artist's work by £96,000.
Cowper is considered by some as "The Last of the Pre-Raphaelites."
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