September is the month dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows
Mother, whose heart was crucified with Christ,
Yet who refused oblivion on that day,
You know what agony a man may bear,
You know the strength of God-supported clay.
Tonight the tortured nations cry aloud,
While waves of pain about them surge and roll.
Sharpen our knives of prayer that these may cleave
The bonds that cut into each limb and soul.
And you, O Mother of the Crucified!
Once more, as co-redemptrix, play your part.
Catch up this seething world, and plunge it deep
Into the vast compassion of His Heart.
Cecile Faget, Cyril Robert
Mary Immaculate : God's Mother and Mine.
Poughkeepsie, New York : Marist Press, 1946.
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Our Lady of Sorrows
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