“Be witnesses of faith. Preserve in the true faith all those who have been entrusted to you. So therefore defend yourselves from the danger, so widespread today, of falling into error. Do not give acceptance to any error:unmask it when it presents itself hidden under the appearance of truth, because of this, you are judged as being backward and not up to date, because just as for Jesus, so also His Gospel is the same: Yesterday, today and always.Renew often with the faithful your profesion of faith and ask of me the Mother of the Faith, the grace to remain always in the truth which my divine son Jesus, has revealed to you- Our Lady to Fr Gobbi August 30, 1984 Altotting Germany Msg # 293
Mary Vanquisher of All Heresies
Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, for thou alone have destroyed all heresies. Thou believed the word of the Archangel Gabriel. A virgin still, thou brought forth the God-man; thou bore a Child, O Virgin, and remained a Virgin still. Mother of God, intercede for us.
*The Church has always accorded Our Lady this title as She Who Destroys All Heresies, from the very beginning since we know from the account of the fall of our first parents, that Satan would be punished anew for his having deceived them: that he would wait for Our Lady's heel to crush him and his seed: among those seeds are the lies of heresy as he is the Father of Lies. The first act of disobedience was in the fore-heaven by Lucifer and his rebel Angels. The first heretical act was in the Garden of Paradise: that man had the right to choose for himself what is good and what is evil, not Almighty God.
Our Lady has always been instrumental in crushing heresy as the lives of the sainted Pontiffs and the Saints attest. No Saint, Pope or otherwise ever succeeded in stamping out or crushing a heresy in his time without having a special devotion to the Mother of God.
But it is to these last times, the time of the Apostasy that her role as the destroyer of heresy is most acute. Our Lady of Fatima's Third Secret, which was supposed to be revealed by 1960 if Sister Lucy was still living [if deceased, sooner], by the Pope, was set aside at that time and the Mother of God shunned. The greatest prophet of our century dismissed! The subsequent publication of the so-called 'Secret of Fatima' by the current Vatican curia is hardly what we can safely and surely surmise from the context of the preceding line just before the actual Secret, dictated to Sister Lucy years after the last apparition in 1917: "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc." The "etc." written down by Sister Lucy herself, clearly indicates that Our Lady said more.
Every Fatima scholar agrees that Our Lady went on to say that in other parts of the world, the dogma of the Faith will be attacked and not preserved as it should, it may even be lost altogether. We must not allow ourselves to be victims of this creeping apostasy all around us. We must save our souls and save our dogmatic truths.

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