Heavenly Father, your grace reaches us through the hands of your most precious Son, Jesus. His response to the prayers of Mary and Joseph are assured, so we ask for their prayer. Lord, send light to our understanding, inspiration to our decisions, and the fire of pure love to our hearts, so that we will respond to the blessing of your grace in our liveswhich comes through the prayers of the Holy Family. And you, our Guardian Angels and all the Saints in Heaven, intercede for us so that we may honor Jesus, Mary, and Joseph by the way we live. Help us to find ways to live as they did and to avoid looking for excuses for not changing our ways. Through this prayer in honor of the Holy Family, place in us the desire to pursue and imitate the virtues of the Holy Family and to accept your answer to our requests as your will for our lives. 

photo: The Holy Family with Saint Elizabeth and the Child Saint John the Baptist by Nicholas Poussin

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