Catholic tradition has it that antichrist, being the man of sin, will be the most criminal of human beings that ever lived; and therefore our masters asked themselves the question, whether even antichrist will have a guardian angel; they take this extreme case in order to emphasize the extent of the doctrine. Of course, their answer is invariably in favour of anangel being the guardian even of antichrist; for even he, says Saint Thomas, owing to the presence of the bright spirit, will do less harm than if he were left to himself. All this goes to show that we are here face to face with a great moral law of creation, admitting of no exception, universal, unending in its applications and its resourcefulness. It is not the effect of a special providence, a matter of privilege; for whatever was special providence was lost through the Fall. It may, therefore, be safely asserted that man is simply incapable of attaining his spiritual end without the cooperation of his guardian angel; that cooperation is as absolute a necessity as are the physical laws that maintain his bodily life. 

– Dom Anscar Vonier, O.S.B.

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