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On 24 August 1562, a house in Avila was consecrated as the Convent of Saint Joseph under a constitution Teresa based on the 1247 formulation of the Carmelite rule requiring strict asceticism and complete poverty. They were called Discalced Carmelites. The community didn’t embrace her, but a visit in 1567 from Giovanni Battista Rossi, the Carmelite prior general from Rome, who was very impressed with the Convent of Saint Joseph, that he gave St.Teresa of Avila permission to found monasteries across Spain with the exception of Andalusia. St. Teresa of Avila founded 15 convents and monasteries herself and authorized other Discalced Carmelites to found two more.

St. Teresa of Avila reformed not only the Carmelite convents for women but also Carmelite monasteries for men. She received help from the St. John of the Cross to achieve her reformation goals. Teresa of Avila is credited with breathing new life into the Faith at a time when the German heretic monk Martin Luther who ignited the evil Protestant revolt.
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