(a signature virtue of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
According to St. Thomas Aquinas simplicity is attached to the virtue of veracity, which puts truth into speech, gestures, manner of being and of living. To write about the virtue of Simplicity is to write about Mary. Although many virtues found residence with the Mother of God, yet when it comes to Simplicity, Mary immediately stands conspicuous and a sole source of inspiration .According to Sacred tradition and the Proto-evangelium of James she was born to a simple family her parents Joachim and Anna were native of Sepphoris an hour walk to Nazareth. Mary's life as a Jewish was always been simple, the virtue of simplicity was taught to her by her mother Anne all her life. Til that prophetic "Yes" to God at the annunciation, the angel Gabriel greeted her Hail full of grace and found favor to God and will be the mother of the Redeemer, it didn't get into her head, and strut around like princess she remained poor and the same simple humble Jewish teen age girl..simple in her speech, gestures,and way of life etc. Even when she assumed into heaven as Queen of Heaven and Earth she remained simple in her ways,, the seers sees her in simple but radiant dresses without shoes jewelries or crown that we often sees in her statues or photos etc,, only with her golden rosary and her twelve stars in her head.. but she is indescribably beautiful because she radiates love and so much holiness.
photo:Madonna and Child by Simone Cantarini.
Photo2 Virgin and Child with a Pear (detail), Albrecht Dürer
photo3 detail of the painting ‘Madonna with book’ by Sassoferrato.
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