Prayer to St. Philip Benizi

O St. Philip, the highest power on earth was once all but laid at thy feet; the Church, remembering the humility wherewith thou didst flee from the tiara, begs thee to obtain for us that we may despise the prosperity of the world and seek heavenly goods alone (Collect of the Feast); deign to hear Her prayer. But the faithful have not forgotten that thou wert a physician of the body before becoming a healer of souls; they have had great confidence in the water and bread blessed, in former times, by thy sons on this Feast, in memory of the miraculous favors granted to their Father: graciously regard the faith of true Catholics, and reward the honor paid to thee by Christian physicians. Now that the mysterious chariot, shown thee at the beginning, has become the triumphal carriage whereon thou dost accompany Our Lady in Her entrance into Heaven, teach us so to compassionate, like thee, with Her Sorrows, that we may deserve to be partakers with thee in Her eternal glory.
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