With all the power of my heart, I now adore Thy sovereignty, O most Sacred, Divine and Adorable Heart of Jesus, whom I wish to fear and respect with continuous attention never more to offend Thee because Thou art infinitely good. O most Sacred Heart, I love Thee and wish to love Thee above all things with all my strength and power. I detest every mortal sin and all voluntary venial sins; I hope that as we belong to Thee, who hast given birth to us on the Cross with so much pain, Thou wilt have pity on our weakness and misery and not allow us to perish. 

I offer myself entirely to Thee, O Heart of love, with the intention that my whole being, my life, and my sufferings may be employed in loving, honoring and glorifying Thee in time and in eternity. I love Thee, O most amiable Heart, as my sovereign good, my entire happiness, and all my joy, as the sole object worthy of the love of all hearts. May my heart be reduced to cinders by the ardor and vehemence of this love, by which I renew with my whole soul all the offerings which I have made to Thee of myself. Keep me from displeasing Thee and grant me to do what is most pleasing to Thee. O Heart, Source of pure love, would that I might be all heart to Thee and all soul to adore Thee! Grant that by Thy holy grace, I may be able to love only Thee, to love in Thee and by Thee and for Thee. May my memory think only of Thee, may I have no other understanding but to know Thee, no other will or affection but to love Thee, no tongue but to praise Thee, no eye but to see Thee, no hands but to serve Thee, no feet but to seek Thee, in order that I may be able one day to love Thee without fear of losing Thee for all eternity. Amen.

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