Holy Mary,
Obtain for me the help that I need,
to do my very best
using all the powers within me
and all the talents and skills I posses,
according to my possibilities,
to fulfill God´s plan
in every circumstance of my life.


Fiat Spirituality is a full and openhearted response to God's plan for the redemption of mankind. Rooted in Mary's "Fiat" and the Holy Spirit's power, it emphasizes evangelization as its primary goal, and works through a network of small prayer groups which encourage committed individuals to take apostolic initiatives in spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is essentially a spirituality born out of a deep awareness of the unity between the Holy Spirit and Mary. The word FIAT itself is from the Latin, literally meaning "Be it done;" it is the 'yes'' of Mary at the Annunciation - "Be it done unto me according to Thy word." When that humble surrender was made the Holy Spirit filled Mary with Divine Life. So it is with us, as we imitate Mary's humility, we too become totally open to God's plan for our life. Jesus was born of that surrender, and the world is saved by it. As we participate in his life everyday we learn to hold Mary and the Holy Spirit close to our hearts. This is the secret of Pentecost.


To be at the service of Christ and the Catholic Church in transforming passive Christians into active Christians in a well balanced life: interiorly, through liturgical and sacramental participation and exteriorly, through evangelization or apostolic actions. We call them FIAT INITIATIVES. We should pray everyday for Jesus to carry out His great designs in us and through us.


There are many who follow Jesus, but few who become true disciples opening themselves totally as Mary did to follow the Divine plan for the salvation of the whole world. Even among believers there is a lack of initiative in carrying out God's plan. In some there is also a cynicism and a skepticism that stifles all resolve and action to advance God's kingdom. When serious problems arise few have the moral courage to tackle them and fewer still have the will to persevere in the work of redemption.


Basically the problem is spiritual individualism. If you are alone in your spiritual life you are ineffective. God's plan was revealed to us through Jesus Christ, and the four words of Jesus are: Love, Pray, Go, Teach. We all need to realize our responsibilities to the community more fully. We know about love and prayer, but we are weak in our zeal to go forth and make God's kingdom known. Religious faith must be brought to bear on all aspects of life: social, cultural, educational, recreational. The mediocre Catholic working alone will achieve very little in the way of idealism and self-sacrifice. The best intentions and the best efforts of isolated individuals will fail to achieve substantial, lasting effects.


Fiat Spirituality is a powerful formula for achieving that animating principle so desperately needed in today's world. It rests on the Christian doctrine of the Mystical Body of Christ in all its details which includes the Divine Maternity of Mary and the sanctifying presence of the Holy Spirit, the very well-spring of Christ's life. Once understood and implemented this doctrine will provide the motivating power we need in our work as evangelizers. We must see every person, in every place as part of Christ's body or potentially part of it. FIAT SPIRITUALITY provides a vision and spiritual dynamism which will create a world force-harnessed to lift up the whole world to Christ.

photo:Jacob Kapkov - Annunciation
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