Our Lord Jesus Christ, we have recourse to Thee, Holy God, Mighty God, Immortal God, have mercy on us and on all mankind. Cleanse us in Thy Precious Blood from all our sins and infirmities. My Jesus, I believe in Thee, I hope in Thee, I love Thee, I give myself to Thee.

Lord Jesus, I unite myself to Thy perpetual, unceasing, universal sacrifice. I offer myself to Thee every day of my life and every moment of every day, according to Thy most holy and adorable will. Thou hast been the victim of my salvation, I wish to be the victim of Thy love. Accept my desire, take my offering, graciously hear my prayer. Let me live for love of Thee, let me die for love of Thee; let my last heartbeat be an act of perfect love!

O Jesus! I come to Thee! Thou art the Way that I would follow in obedience to Thy Commandments, Thy counsels and Thine example; let me walk after Thee in the way of obedience, of self-denial and of sacrifice, which leads to Heaven and Thee! O Jesus, Thou art the Truth; Thou art "the true Light which enlighteneth every man coming into this world". I believe in Thee! I believe in Thy Gospel; I would know Thee in order to love Thee; I would make Thee known in order to make Thee loved. O Jesus! Thou art the Life, through Thy sanctifying grace which is the life of our souls; through Thy words which are "the words of everlasting life"; through Thy Eucharist which is "the living bread come down from Heaven"; through Thy Heart which is the fountain of life for individual souls and for society. I cling to Thy Word with all my heart; I hunger for the living Bread of Thy Eucharist; I open my heart without reserve to the life-giving streams from Thy Sacred Heart; I unite myself inwardly to all Its intentions. Ah, may this Divine Heart reign universally over the children of the Church and over all humanity. Amen.

My Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, I humbly beseech Thee to scatter the darkness of my mind, and to give me lively faith, firm hope and burning love. Grant, O my God, that I may know Thee well and may do all things in Thy light and in conformity to Thy holy will. Amen.

O Jesus our Saviour, give us Thy blessing, deliver us from everlasting death, assist Thy holy Church, give peace to all nations, deliver the holy Souls suffering in Purgatory.
O Lord God, King of Heaven and earth, may it please Thee this day to order and to hallow, to rule and to govern our hearts and our bodies, our thoughts, our words and our works, according to Thy law and in the doing of Thy Commandments, that we, being helped by Thee, may here and hereafter worthily be saved and delivered by Thee, O Saviour of the world, Who livest and reignest for ever and ever. Amen.

Deliver me, Lord Jesus Christ, from all my iniquities and from every evil, make me ever hold fast to Thy Commandments and never allow me to be separated from Thee.

We offer Thee, Lord Jesus Christ, the merits of Mary, Thy mother and ours, as she stood beneath the Cross, in order that, by her tender intercession, we may obtain the happy fruits of Thy Passion and Death.

O dearly beloved Word of God, teach me to be generous, to serve Thee as Thou dost deserve, to give without counting the cost, to fight without fretting at my wounds, to labor without seeking repose, to be prodigal of myself without looking for any other reward save that of knowing that I do Thy holy will (R. Card. Merry del Val).

Change my heart, O Jesus, Thou Who didst empty Thyself for love of me! Make known to my spirit how excellent were Thy sacred humiliations.

Let me begin this day, illumined by Thy Divine light, 
to do away with that portion of the natural man, 
that still lives undiminished in me.

This is the chief source of my misery, this the barrier 
that I constantly oppose to Thy love. Amen. (R. Card. Merry del Val).
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