Ah, my Blessed Mother, 
it is not one sword only with which I have pierced thy heart, 
but I have done so with as many 
as are the sins which I have committed. 
Ah, Lady, it is not to thee, 
who art innocent, 
that sufferings are due, but to me, 
who am guilty of so many crimes. 
But since thou hast been pleased to suffer so much for me, 
ah, by thy merits, 
obtain me great sorrow for my sins, 
and patience under the trials of this life, 
which will always be light in comparison with my demerits; 
for I have often deserved Hell.


photo:Mater Dolorosa

A painting from 1499 of Mary as the Mother of Sorrows, originally painted for the high altar of Hamburg cathedral in Germany.
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