by St. Alphonsus M. De Liguori

Most holy and immaculate Virgin! O my mother! thou who art the mother of my Lord, the queen of the world, the advocate, hope, and refuge of sinners! I, the most wretched among them, now come to thee. I worship thee, great queen, and give thee thanks for the many favors thou hast bestowed on me in the past; most of all, do I thank thee for having saved me from hell, which I had so often deserved. I love thee, lady most worthy of all love, and, by the love which I bear thee, I promise ever in the future to serve thee, and to do what in me lies to win others to thy love. In thee I put all my trust, all my hope of salvation. Receive me as thy servant, and cover me with the mantle of thy protection, thou who art the mother of mercy! And since thou hast so much power with God, deliver me from all temptations, or at least obtain for me the grace ever to overcome them. From thee I ask a true love of Jesus Christ, and the grace of a happy death. O my mother! by thy love for God, I beseech thee to be at all times my helper, but, above all, at the last moment of my life. Leave me not until you see me safe in heaven, there for endless ages to bless thee, and sing thy praises. Amen.

His Holiness, Pope Pius IX., by an autograph rescript, Sept. 7, 1854, granted to all the faithful, every time that, with at least contrite heart and devotion, they shall say this prayer before an image or picture of the blessed Virgin: An Indulgence Of Three Hundred Days)

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