Go to this Mother of Mercy, and show her the wounds which thy sins have left on thy soul; then will she certainly entreat her Son, by the breast that gave him suck, to pardon thee all. And this divine Son, who loves her so tenderly, will most certainly grant her petition.

- St Bernard of Clairvaux 


The prayers of Mary have the force of command with Jesus Christ.

- St Antoninus 


Night and day I beseech you, my Lady Mary - and reverence you on bended knee.

Now, O Virgin, speak to your Son and say: “Hear the prayer of your mother, my Son, and be mindful of your mercy and kindness. And do not enter into judgment with your servant. For the sake of your name do not call to mind the sins of this sinner.”

- From the Ethiopian hymn Harp of Glory

photo: theraccolta:

Our Lady in St Augustine church Valletta
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