Queen of Heaven, most Holy Mary, 
I was once a slave of sin, 
but now I consecrate myself to thee as thy client forever. 
I give myself to thine honor and service for the rest of my life. 
Do not reject me as I deserve, 
but accept me as thy servant. 

I have placed all my hope in thee as my Mother. 
I bless and thank Almighty God, 
because in His mercy He has given me this confidence in thee. 
It is true that in the past I have shamefully fallen into sin; 
but I trust that, 
through thy prayers and the merits of Jesus Christ, 
I have been forgiven. 
But yet, my Mother, this is not enough. 
One fear I have which troubles me: 
that I may fall into sin again and lose the grace of God. 

The dangers are constant; 
my enemies never sleep; 
and new temptations will assail me. 
O my Lady, protect me. 
Help me in the assaults of Hell, 
so I may never again offend thy Divine Son Jesus. 

Let not the same thing happen again, 
that I lose my soul, Heaven, and God. 
This is the grace I beg of thee, O Mary; 
this is what I long for; 
obtain this grace for me through thy prayers.


Thus, I hope.
Thus, may it be. 

photo:Maria SS. del Buon Aiuot

The miraculous image of Our Lady of Good Help in the basilica of Santa Crose in Gerusalem (Holy Cross in Jerusalem), one of the seven pilgrim churches of Rome.

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