Rev R F Clarke, S. J.

Their Nine Choirs--The Archangels

The Archangels are the Captains of the Heavenly Host. They guide the squadrons that fight against the foe. They lead the bands that are sent to guard the Saints of God. They are the immediate superiors of the Holy Angels, who obey them with joyful and unreasoning obedience. So, too, I ought to obey those immediately set over me. I ought to see God in my superiors as the Holy Angels do. Do I do so?

The Archangels are also the personal guardians of the most illustrious of the Saints, St. Ignatius is said to have had an Archangel for his guardian. Many others of the chosen friends of God have been similarly honored. Such a privilege points to a high destiny and means signal grace. The Archangels deem it a privilege to minister to the Saints. God gives us the same privilege of ministering in one way or another to the holy servants of Christ. How rarely this privilege is appreciated as it ought to be!

The Archangels also stand before God's throne ready to be sent as His messengers to men. Thus St. Gabriel was sent to Our Lady, St. Michael to the Prophet Daniel, St. Raphael to Tobias. These messages of mercy are highly esteemed by them. They do not regard it as in any way unworthy of their exalted dignity to be the means of communication between God and man. I also ought to esteem thusly any work undertaken for God, even though it be that of a humble servant carrying messages to and fro.
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