Star beams may glimmer and gleam
Flowers may shimmer and glow,
Waters may flash till we almost deem
They are opal gems that we know,
Yet a single smile from Our Lady's eyes
Would turn bleak earth into paradise
And a bower of bliss for aye.

Sweet is the organ's peal
And a bird's clear martin song;
Charming the notes that softly steal
Through the hush of the night along;
Yet a word of Our Lady's lips would be
A sound so dear and sweet
Our ears would swoon with its melody,
And our hearts would lie at her feet.

Welcome the rest at eve
When the busy task is done;
Happy the victor to receive
Praise when his fight is won.
Yet three glad things of glad things all
My dying choice would be -
A word, a smile, and Our Lady's call
At the gates of eternity. 
AT THE GATES OF ETERNITY AT THE GATES OF ETERNITY Reviewed by Francisco Nascimento on 05:38 Rating: 5

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