(May 31 The Feast day of the Visitation of the BVM to Elizabeth) 

O Virgin of the Visitation, 
compelled by the Holy Spirit, 
and with Jesus hidden beneath your Heart, 
you arose in those days and, with haste, 
went to your kinswoman Elizabeth, 
to serve her in her time of need. 
Elizabeth acknowledged your faith, 
and a new song came to flower on your lips; 
thus did you magnify the Father 
whose mercy is from generation to generation.
Visit us now, O Mother of Our Lord, 
and obtain for us a quickening of prophetic grace, 
that we may serve our sisters in faithfully loving the Church, 
and love the Church in humbly serving our sisters, 
and so, under your gracious protection, 
again and again repeat your words: 
“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; 
be it done unto me according to your word.” 
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary 

*May 31 is the Feast of the Visitation, the day on which the Blessed Virgin Mary, having been told at the Annunciation by the angel Gabriel that she had been chosen to bear the Son of God, went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who herself was pregnant with John the Baptist. 

photo: The Visitation of the Virgin Mary to St Elizabeth 1503 Mariotto Albertinelli reproduction
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