...when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?"Lk 18:8

The great apostasy the “great falling away from the true Faith ” is one of the most predicted events in history. 

History has witnessed time and again entire nations (England) and even groups of nations (the Great Eastern Schism), who were once Catholic, apostatizing from the Faith. That this would happen on a larger scale, especially in consideration of a “shrinking world” due to modern technology, is not at all inconceivable, and in fact, was predicted and has happened.

This was accomplished, in part, because the enemies of the Church had become historically astute, and cognizant of the fact that external persecution of the Church actually brings about Her greater growth, as the saying goes: “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Faith.” That is why for centuries they have been focusing their efforts on destroying Catholicism by infiltration.

Pope St. Pius X warned the Church of this in 1907:

“[T]hey put into operation their designs for Her [the Church’s] undoing, not from without but from within. Hence, the danger is present almost in the very veins and heart of the Church, whose injury is the more certain from the very fact that their knowledge of Her is more intimate. Moreover, they lay the ax not to the branches and shoots, but to the very root, that is, to the faith and its deepest fibers.” – Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Pope St. Pius X was not revealing anything new; rather He was adding His own warning to that of many other Popes and to the numerous warnings Heaven had been sending for hundreds of years.


Our Lady of Good Success

In the early 17th century, a Conceptionist nun in Ecuador, Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres (1563–1635), was the recipient of various apparitions from the Mother of God, including many prophecies concerning the 20th century. The fact that these prophecies date back 400 years makes them especially noteworthy. Mother Mariana’s incorrupt body was discovered in 1906 and can still be seen today.

“Thus I make it known to you that from the end of the 19th century and shortly after the middle of the 20th century… It will be difficult to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, and also that of Confirmation… The Catholic spirit will rapidly decay; the precious light of the Faith will gradually be extinguished…”
“Various heresies will be propagated in this land, then a free Republic. As these heresies spread and dominate, the precious light of Faith will be extinguished in souls by the almost total corruption of customs [morals]… The small number of souls who, hidden, will preserve the treasure of the Faith and the virtues will suffer an unspeakably cruel and slow martyrdom…”
“In the 20th century… the corruption of customs will be almost universal and the precious light of Faith all but extinguished.”
Again, referring to the 20th century:

“How the Church will suffer on that occasion – the dark night of the lack of a Prelate1 and Father to watch over them… The lukewarmness of all the souls consecrated to God in the priestly and religious state will delay the coming of this Prelate and Father.”

Our Lady of La Salette

In 1846, the Mother of God appeared to two shepherd children in La Salette, France. She gave them many warnings about how God is going to punish mankind if mankind did not stop sinning. She also made some startling predictions.

Universal relaxation:

“Lucifer, with a great number of demons will be unchained from Hell. By degrees they shall abolish the Faith, even among persons consecrated to God.”
“In every place there will be extraordinary prodigies, because the true Faith has been extinguished.”
“[T]he abomination shall be seen in holy places, in convents, and then the demon shall make himself the king of hearts.”
“Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of Antichrist.”
When Our Blessed Mother warns that the true Faith will be abolished and extinguished, what She is prophesying is that the number of true Catholics will be so small, that it will appear as if they have been abolished or extinguished, but, as noted above, we know that the Church can never be totally extinguished, but will endure until the end of time.

Regarding the veracity of this apparition, which some modernist authors erroneously challenge, the Bishop of the diocese of La Salette published in 1851 a mandate which in part said: “[The apparition] has within itself all the characteristics of the truth, and that the faithful are justified in believing it is beyond doubt and for certain.” This mandate was sent to Rome and received the approval of Pope Pius IX.

Our Lady of Fatima

Perhaps the most well-known of all Marian apparitions, Mary appeared six times to three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Besides the message of amendment of life, praying the Rosary and doing penance, she entrusted them with three secrets; the only one relative to this article is commonly known as the 3rd Secret of Fatima.
3rd Secret of Fatima - “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved…

Even setting aside those portions of the 3rd Secret that Modernists are wont to ignore, the segment “in Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved” is admitted by all. This partial sentence speaks volumes. What a strange statement to make at a time when essentially every country on the face of the earth had the dogma of the Faith. The implication is clear: Our Lady was, at the very least, forecasting that entire countries would lose the dogma of the Faith, Portugal being an exception.

“Satan rules even in the highest positions and determines the direction of things. He will succeed in worming his way even into the highest summits of the Church…”

“But this will be a time of great trials for the Church. Cardinals will oppose cardinals. Bishops will oppose bishops. Satan will walk in their ranks. In Rome, there will be great changes. What is rotten will fall and what will fall will never rise again. Darkness will envelope the Church and the world will be thrown into a panic.”
The quote given above is taken from a German periodical published in 1963, Neues Europa, and received unofficial approbation in the 1960’s by several Church officials who had read the original 3rd Secret text hand written by Sister Lucia. Among these Church officials was the respected Cardinal Ottovani. The new and “official” version put out by the Vatican in 2006 has been demonstrated to be utterly false. 

Our Lady of Marienfried

As the pleas, requests, and warnings sent to mankind by a merciful God through His Immaculate Mother at La Salette and Fatima went unheeded, He sent that same loving Mother once again to warn a prideful world in 1946 at Marienfried, a small town in Germany.

As the pleas, requests, and warnings sent to mankind by a merciful God through His Immaculate Mother at La Salette and Fatima went unheeded, He sent that same loving Mother once again to warn a prideful world in 1946 at Marienfried, a small town in Germany.

“The Star of the infernal regions (Lucifer) will rage more violently than ever and will cause frightful destruction, because he knows that his time is short, and because he sees that already many have gathered around my sign.”

Our Lady told Fr. Stefano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests:"I am weeping because the Church is continuing along the road of division, of loss of the true faith, of apostasy and of errors which are being spread more and more without anyone offering opposition to them. Even now, that which I predicted at Fatima and that which I have revealed here in the third message confided to a little daughter of mine (i.e. Sister Lucia) is in the process of being accomplished. And so, even for the Church the moment of its great trial has come, because the man of iniquity will establish himself within it and the abomination of desolation will enter into the holy temple of God." (To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons, No. 362, September 15, 1987, p. 572.)

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