Our Lady of Beauraing,Immaculate Virgin,
carry to Jesus, your Son, all the intentios which we confide to you ths day.

(here mention your intentions).

Mother with the Golden Heart, mirror of the tenderness of the Father,
look with love upon the men and women of ou time and fill them with the joy of your presence.
You who promised to convert sinners,help us discover the infinite mercy of our God.
Awaken in us the grace of conversion so that all our life becomes the reflection of ths mercy.
Holy Mother of God, look down upon our miseries, console us in our sorrows,
give strength to all those who are suffering.
Queen of Heaven, crowned with light, help us grow in faith, hope and love
and we shall be ble to give thaks without end.
You brought Jesus into the word, may we by prayer, by sharing His Word
and by the testimony of our life filled with love and joy make Him be born in all hearts.
May every instant of our life be a YES to the question which you are asking us today:

DO YOU LOVE MY SON? DO YOU LOVE ME? Then the reign of Jesus will come into the world. Amen.

IMPRIMATUR: Namur, 16 juillet 1996 + J.M. Huet vic. épisc.

*15 years after the apparitions of Fatima, Our Lady appeared to five children in Beauraing, Belgium. These apparitions, along with those in the nearby city of Banneaux, prepared the way for the Marian messages in Amsterdam.

The apparitions of Our Lady in Beauraing and Banneaux took place within a period of six weeks, and both were approved by the Holy See. Amsterdam also has the approval of its bishop. On December 21, Our Lady made herself known to the children, saying: “I am the Immaculate Virgin.” Our Lady appeared with her heart golden and resplendent.

On January 3, Our Lady said to Andree Degeimbre, one of the visionaries:
"I am the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven. Pray always, Goodbye!"
Finally, she told Fernande:
-“Do you love my Son?”
-“Yes!,” the girl exclaimed.
-“Do you love me?”
- “Oh, yes!”
“Then sacrifice yourself for me.”

photo:Notre-Dame de Beauraing
A Belgian holy card from the 1940s of Our Lady of Beauraing.
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