"Her name will be called 'admirable!'" (Isaiah 9)


Most Admirable Mother, you show your children the way to interior progress, as we look at you, fill us with a sacred desire: to enter into that world of love and grace where you live.

Who else, can show us that interior life? Who else can open us up to Jesus’s life and form in us his divine features?

Oh Mother! let us look at you:

Silent Virgin, help us to live that silence which enables us to receive and maintain the presence of God, amid the noise and tumult of everyday life. Reinforce in us, Mother, a silent serenity and guide us to preserve our heart, every minute, as the home of Jesus.

Humble Virgin, teach us in this world of pride that humility which excludes all pretension, wants to be docile, serve and disappear. Your humility ascended to God and conquered his Heart, let ours incline his heart towards us.

Faithful Virgin, you always responded to every desire of God without the slightest hesitation between the call of Grace and your response. Help us to imitate you, in the readiness of love and enthusiasm full of faith in order to do his will. That difficulties may never stop us, and with God’s gift of joy we may respond to any of his requests with your own answer: "I am the servant of the Lord".

Most Admirable Mother, pray for us in this banishment on earth and show us to Jesus, blessed fruit of your womb! Amen.


Most Admirable Mother, pray for us.
Most Admirable Mother, lily of the valley, flower of the fields.
Most Admirable Mother, you spread perfume of innocence around you.
Most Admirable Mother, you make everything easy for us.
Most Admirable Mother, whose look on us elevates us and transports us beyond the things of the world.
Most Admirable Mother, you make us love Jesus.
Most Admirable Mother, you break the chains of hardened sinners.
Most Admirable Mother, you inspire us with the scorn of pleasures and mundane honors.
Most Admirable Mother, reveal to your friends the secrets of the most Holy Sacrament.
Most Admirable Mother, purer than the lily which is confused by your candor.
Most Admirable Mother, remedy of all wounds.
Most Admirable Mother, treasure of peace and serenity.
Most Admirable Mother, example of true greatness.
Most Admirable Mother, next to whom we all want to be.
Most Admirable Mother, to whom nobody prays without becoming better.
Most Admirable Mother, who best comfort us.
Most Admirable Mother, humble, solitary and hidden violet.
Most Admirable Mother, flood our hearts with sweet happiness.
Most Admirable Mother, a foretaste of Heaven.
Most Admirable Mother, give us the strength to make the biggest sacrifices.
Most Admirable Mother, delight of Heaven and earth.
Most Admirable Mother, whose memory gives rest to the heart.
Most Admirable Mother, you have for everyone a word of life.
Most Admirable Mother, transport us to a better world by just looking at us.
Most Admirable Mother, open to your friends the way to interior growth.
Most Admirable Mother, you lift up the depressed spirit.
Most Admirable Mother, as much modest as great.
Most Admirable Mother, whose name calls us to fulfill our duty.
Most Admirable Mother, make us see how much you like this name.
Most Admirable Mother, whose name is never invoked in vain.


The sacred image was a fresco painted in 1844 by Pauline Perdreau, a nun of the Sacred Heart, in her convent of Trinità dei Monti, Rome; she wanted "to make the Virgin be present" in the place of the sisters’ meeting, on one of the walls of the cloister.

Pious IX, visiting the monastery on October 20, 1846, stopped with admiration in front of the image and he exclaimed: "Here is truly our Most Admirable Mother". This is the reason for its name. The anniversaries of that papal visit are celebrated as commemoration of this invocation.

The picture represents Mary as an adolescent, when, by means of prayers, study, work and purity, she is prepared in the temple of Jerusalem for her sublime mission. Prayer is symbolized by the Virgin’s low and meditative eyes and the landscape of prairies and sky that opens up in the background; study, by the open book that lies on her sewing basket; work, by the spindle she holds in her hand; purity, by the lily that stands to her side.

Most Admirable Mother is the patron saint of anyone who wants to grow in faith and interior life; of young students; of parents that look for help for the education of their children; of teachers.

The painting that is in the entrance of our Church is a reproduction of the oil painting, made by a nun of "Hermanas Franciscanas Misioneras de María". It war sent to Buenos Aires in 1921, at the request of Mrs. Concepción Unzué de Casares, former pupil of the Sacred Hearts. It was to be considered the Patron Saint of the school and chapel that Mrs. Casares had founded and whose administration was put in charge of the nuns.

The painting was almost destroyed in the explosion of 1992; it was restored patiently and generously by Mrs. Mercedes de las Carreras, and was again blessed by H. E. Mons. Guillermo Leaden, on the 23rd October 1995, solemnity of the Dedication of our Church.

Mater Admirabilis Mother Most Admirable

Mother and child in the medallion are reminiscent of the Salus Populi icon at Saint Mary Major. The medallion is flanked by two pyramid-shaped constructions from which ex-voto type objects are hanging. Both pyramids are crowned with a burning heart.

Between the two pyramids there is a representation of the burning bush, traditional symbol of Mary's inviolate virginity (Exodus 3:2-5). Moses kneeling in front of the burning bush articulates the following: "Bring me to your holy mountain, to the place of your dwelling," (Psalm 42, III, 3). 

Mother and child are symbols of this divine dwelling place. The two pyramids are like ardent monuments of intercessory prayer addressed to Christ through Mary. The figures at the base of the two pyramids may be allegories of the elements, for example, wind, earth, water. . . .

"Her name will be called 'admirable!'" (Isaiah 9)

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