Lord, have mercy on us. 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
Christ, have mercy on us. 
Christ, have mercy on us. 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
Jesus in Glory, hear us. 
Jesus in Glory, graciously hear us. 
God the Father of heaven, 
Have mercy on us.* 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world,* 
God the Holy Ghost,* 
Holy Trinity, one God,* 
Jesus, King of Glory,* 
Jesus, Lord and Christ,* 
Jesus, Prince and Saviour,* 
Jesus, blessed and only mighty,* 
Jesus, Who only hast immortality,* 
Jesus, Who didst ascend into heaven,* 
Jesus, Who didst ascend above the stars into the Heaven of heavens,* 
Jesus, Who didst ascend to Thy Father and our Father, to Thy God and our God,* 
Jesus, Who ledst captivity captive,* 
Jesus, Who despoiledst principalities and powers, triumphing over them.* 
Jesus, Who art exalted by the right hand of God,* 
Jesus, Who art exalted far above all principality and power,* 
Jesus, to Whom all power is given in heaven and earth,* 
Jesus, Who art crowned with glory and honor,* 
Jesus, Who art glorified with the glory which Thou hadst with the Father before the world was,* 
Jesus, Who art glorified, in Thy Sacred Humanity, at the right hand of the Majesty on high,* 
Jesus, Who must reign till Thou hast put all things under Thy feet,* 
Jesus, Whose throne is forever and ever,* 
Jesus, Who art adored by all the Angels of God,* 
Jesus, Who art anointed with the oil of gladness above Thy fellows,* 
Jesus, Who art the happiness of the Blessed,* 
Jesus, in Whose Presence is life,* 
Jesus, Who hast opened the Kingdom of Heaven to all believers,* 
Jesus, Who hast entered into heaven itself for us,* 
Jesus, the Mediator of the New Testament,* 
Jesus, our High Priest forever, according to the order of Melchisedech,* 
Jesus, Who always livest to make intercession for us,* 
Jesus, Who art able to save forever those that come unto the Father by Thee,* 
Jesus, Head over all the Church,* 
Jesus, Who didst send down the Holy Ghost on Thine Apostles,* 
Jesus, Who didst promise that whatsoever we ask in Thy Name Thou wouldst grant,* 
Jesus, Who art gone up into heaven and yet art present with us in the Sacrament of the Altar,* 
Jesus, Who didst assume Thy blessed Mother with glory into heaven,* 
Jesus, Who didst crown her with the brightest diadem of glory,* 
Jesus, Who art gone to prepare a place for us,* 
Jesus, Who shall come again in like manner as Thou wentest away,* 
Jesus, Who didst promise new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth justice,* 
Jesus, Who livest forever,* 
Jesus, Son of God the Father,* 

We sinners: 
Beseech Thee to hear us.** 

That we may seek the things that are above, and not the things that are upon earth,** 
That Thou wouldst cleanse our consciences from dead works to serve the living God,** 
That we may live the rest of our time in the flesh, not after the desires of men, but according to the will of God,** 
That Thou wouldst dwell in our hearts by faith,** 
That Thou wouldst come unto us, and make Thy abode with us,** 
That we may hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering,** 
That Thou wouldst pour down Thy benedictions upon Thy Church,** 
That Thou wouldst order all things for the good of them that love Thee,** 
That Thou wouldst draw all men unto Thee,** 
That Thou wouldst fill our hearts with love and devotion to Thy most holy Mother,** 
That Thou wouldst give us confidence in the prayers of all Thy Saints,** 
That Thou wouldst come again and take us to Thyself, that where Thou art, we may be also,** 
That when Thou shalt appear, we may receive a never-fading crown of glory,** 
That we may behold Thy glory,** 
That in Thy light we may see light,** 
That Thou wouldst have mercy on the souls of the faithful departed,** 
That Thou wouldst let the light of Thy countenance shine upon them,** 
That Thou wouldst admit them to the joy of the Beatific Vision,** 
That Thou wouldst hasten the day of Thy appearing,** 
That Thou wouldst hear us from Thy holy place,** 

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world:
Spare us, O Lord, 

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world:
Graciously hear us, O Lord. 

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world:
Have mercy on us, O Lord. 

Christ, hear us. 
Christ, graciously hear us. 

V. God is ascended with jubilee. Alleluia. 
R. And the Lord with the sound of the trumpet. Alleluia. 

Let us pray: 

Grant, we beseech Thee, Almighty God, that we who believe Thine only-begotten Son to have ascended into heaven, may ourselves also in heart and mind thither ascend, and through the same Lord, dwell in heavenly places. Amen.
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