Prima pars
Gaude caelestis Domina
transgressa super agnima
que cantant semper carmina
tuo benigno filio.

Gaude quod tua facies
illustret caeli facies
tuacue clara species
ut mundum sol ex radio

Gaude cui obediunt
et te revera sitiunt
tibi se subiciunt
angeli obsequio

Gaude quod tui servuli
nunc et in fine seculi
et hoc in ictu oculi
suo fruuntur premio

Gaude Deo vicinior
et ad precandum potior
tu quae cunctis potentior
in summo sedes solio.

Secunda pars
Gaude quod sanctos superas
in hoc questo imperas
dum ad precandum te preparas
ut potens mater filio

Gaude quia delectaris
dum a nato veneraris
ei semper coniungaris
tanto digna filio.

Gaude quod tua gloria
omni carebit tristicia;
perpes manes in primia.
Deo nos reconcilia

Que es mater cum filio
ora ut ipso tuo gaudio
fungamur in perpetuo

Prima pars
Rejoice, heavenly lady
who have gone above the throngs
that for ever sing hymns
to your bounteous Son.

Rejoice that your countenance
and your beauty
light up the face of heaven
as the sun lights up the world with it rays.

Rejoice, you whom angels obey
and truely thirst after,
to you they submit
with reverence.

Rejoice that your servants
now and at the end of time
and in this blinking of an eye.
delight in their reward.

Rejoice, you who are nearer God
and superior in prayer
you who, more powerful than all,
sit on the highest throne.

Secunda pars
Rejoice that you surpass the saints
you rule on this dais
while you prepare yourself for praying
as the powerful mother to your Son.

Rejoice because you delight
while you are venerated by your Son
and are ever joined with him
worthy of such a son.

Rejoice that your glory
will be free from all sadness;
you ever remain in the place of honour.
Reconcile us to God.

Pray, you who are mother with your son,
that we may ever partake
of this your joy.

Antoine Busnois(c. 1430-1492)
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