At last the storm of anguish burst upon her. The apostles bring her the heartbreaking news: He has been seized by the Pharisees, insulted by the soldiers, dragged before Pilate, scourged, condemned to the death of the cross. What a night and morning
for the Mother of Jesus! Each moment full of an agony worse than death.


O God, in Whose Passion, as Simeon had foretold, the most sweet heart of Mary, Thy glorious Virgin Mother, was pierced through by a sword of sorrow;
mercifully grant that we who reverently meditate upon her transfixion and passion, may, the glorious merits and prayers of all Thine elect standing faithfully at the foot of Thy cross appealing for us, reap the happy fruit of Thy Passion.


Strive to perform well the little duties of each day, in imitation of Mary; so live that you may be always prepared for death. Say a Hail Mary devoutly for those who are dying.
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